Top 10 Travel Destinations

National Geographic magazine recently released a top ten list of the best travel spots in the world. The list was based on aesthetic appeal, cultural integrity, environmental conditions, condition of historic structures and tourism management. Here is the list they chose, along with some general information about each and why you might want to consider […]

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Santorini Greece Vacations Guide

When looking for a unique island to go to on your Greece vacation, you might want to try out the volcanic island of Santorini. This island is part of the Cyclades group of Greek islands and is located between Ios and Anafi islands. Santorini has become quite popular for its stunning views, beautiful sunsets as […]

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Dream Vacations and Weddings in Greece

Greece is known for being a romantic destination. Greek islands is the ideal travel destination for a romantic vacation, celebration, honeymoon, anniversary or wedding.  From the awe-inspiring sunsets of Santorini to the peaceful opportunity to escape to a world where feelings blossom with ease.   Many people are choosing Greece as a wedding destination because […]

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